office partyUnfortunately the modern technology has now created utter chaos in many companies. Employees seem to come and go at any time they like.  More and more employees don’t see the need anymore to travel to the office like we were used to in the old days.

This anarchistic, unbridled and almost indecent attitude must be put to an end!

Therefore, we do find ourselves compelled to identify the main arguments AGAINST working from home, aka Great Place to Work aka New Way of Working aka Remote Working.

  1. The word “Home office” undermines the for centuries successfully implemented and profitable philosophy of the leadership of the serfs…uh…employees. The motive of people promoting “Home office” can only mean destruction of the corporate economic power! This does however not apply to standard contracts in general
  2. A sustainable internal sense of security and well-being can only be present in the livelihood of open offices or in community areas
  3. Misconception: the term “open office” has nothing to do with the size of the corresponding space, but the relates to the aspiration of the Dutch to be open minded
  4. An operational detachment from legitimate superiors leads to rebellion, laziness and lack of responsibility to the employer
  5. For the business it is very important to control employees against secretly and aimlessly surfing the internet. Physical distance undermines this
  6. In projects the teams do benefit if they all work and share information together and have a day off together…but ok, that’s not the point now
  7. When we all work together in the office, the employer does not need to buy very expensive smartphones, iPads and other toys. After all personal communication is still the key to success. And the customer…he can come to the office, this saves money and time, so pure profit
  8. If you don’t see your subordinates regularly, you do not really know if they are working in appropriate clothing
  9. Those who work often from a Home Office are loosing the feeling of discipline and punctuality
  10. Our parents did not need to work from home to raise us, so nor do we

Note: please don’t take this post too serious!