The next step of collaboration

With all the new technology around us the nature of our work has changed and thus also our way of collaboration. In modern companies we see that over 75% of users in a meeting have a connected device and in 1 out of 4 meetings the participants are remote present. Due to the nature [...]

Complete overview of product portfolio

Our complete product portfolio at a glance.

Missing knowledge at the intersection of Telecom & IT

"Telecom is not one size fits all as many vendors want you to believe.".  This is certainly the opinion of Bart Martens of MobilityWorks specialized in deploying mobility for businesses. "At the intersection of IT, telecom  and videoconferencing many people forget that not everybody is equally skilled in communications." Read here the full interview which is published [...]

Mobility as the catalyzer for business growth

These days, enterprises are increasingly recognizing mobile as a de-facto standard computing platform. Also our other post about the role of the modern CIO shows that changes are happening in the boardroom and both the CFO and CIO are adjusting their roles in the connected enterprises. Not only from an IT perspective it is important [...]

Digital revolution changes role of CIO

Modern digital technology forces the Connected Enterprise to re-evaluate their strategy around the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Technology is becoming the key factor in the success of today's business so why has often the CIO not a prominent role in the company's long term management and business objectives? The CIO has mostly [...]