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Looking for a smarter way to manage your mobile workers?

Today, companies are balancing productivity and morale, high performance levels and accountability - as well as commitment and loyalty. If you add to the above splits by managing your mobile workers, the challenges are even greater. By using available technological solutions, along with simple shifts in the way you manage your mobile workers, you can [...]

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Side effects of Mobility and Collaboration

Now more than ever we are used to be reachable all the time, have information available at our fingertips, instantly update family, friends, colleagues and relations via social media, work together in groups at school, in sportteams and at work. Mobility and Collaboration can't be taken out of our daily lives anymore. Business and private is getting more [...]

Mobility as the catalyzer for business growth

These days, enterprises are increasingly recognizing mobile as a de-facto standard computing platform. Also our other post about the role of the modern CIO shows that changes are happening in the boardroom and both the CFO and CIO are adjusting their roles in the connected enterprises. Not only from an IT perspective it is important [...]

Digital revolution changes role of CIO

Modern digital technology forces the Connected Enterprise to re-evaluate their strategy around the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Technology is becoming the key factor in the success of today's business so why has often the CIO not a prominent role in the company's long term management and business objectives? The CIO has mostly [...]