Make Meetings Matter Again!

Meetings, bloody meetings! For those running them, they’re an opportunity to introduce a game-changing idea to key stakeholders, decision makers, and colleagues. For those attending them, they’re an opportunity to do something less boring – catch up with emails, message friends etc – as long as no-one falls asleep – right? Wrong. Oh so very [...]

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Education Conference Office 365, SharePoint & Azure

Office 365 & SharePoint Connect conference takes place on the 10th & 11th October in Haarlem, greater Amsterdam, and we want to inform you why you should attend this year. We have some new speakers presenting their sessions about the latest updates, business practices, tips & tricks relating to SharePoint (on and off premise), Office [...]

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Bridging The Gap: Build An Environment Where Digital Transformation Thrives

Keeping up with modern technology is critical across all industry sectors. Whatever your business does, as time progresses, hardware must eventually be replaced, and software needs to updated with the required regularity. However, what doesn’t change is the fact that any new IT initiative needs to be embedded within every organisation. The surprising thing is [...]

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Constant Connectivity: Building Your Business With IoT

Most of us are familiar with the Internet Of Things (IoT) largely thanks to the smart devices in so many of our homes. However, in business and industry, IoT has an even greater role to play. Connected devices have the power to do everything from automating manufacturing processes to collating and segmenting huge amounts of [...]

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Managing The Mobile Disconnect

Building out a solid mobile infrastructure for any enterprise is tougher than it looks. It makes sense on one hand for a single company to sign up with a national carrier for all of its mobile data and telephony needs. But as businesses scale – as they grow domestically and internationally – their mobile needs [...]

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