Why IoT Is Driving Digital Transformation

When businesses decide to innovate, regardless of the sector or industry they operate in, one of the first things they’re often confronted by is the pace at which things are moving or evolving. Take the Internet of Things (IoT) for example. From the outside looking in, it might seem as though having legions of connected [...]

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Staying Secure In A Digitally Transforming World

Whether your business is completely digitally transformed or on the verge of migrating IT operations to the cloud, there’s no doubt that, like many others, you’re acutely aware of the fact the security has to be paramount. However, in this brave new world of cloud servers, remote working, bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, and [...]

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Getting More Value From Your ICT Consultants

Ever heard the joke about how consultants ask for the time and take your watch? Or the ten things consultants have in common with prostitutes? Yep, we’ve heard them all. And for those that hire the wrong kind of consultant, they certainly ring true. As a small company of ICT professionals, one of the most [...]

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How WiFi Can Work Wonders For Your Business

The proliferation of connected devices, combined with a need to be ‘always-on’, has meant that data consumption has gone sky high in recent years. While WiFi has evolved sufficiently to meet these demands, often the access points – the devices used to deploy wireless signals – are unable to match its reach and power. For [...]

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