Complete overview of product portfolio

Our complete product portfolio at a glance.

Analogue: the underprivileged child in the digital world

It's all Internet and VOIP what's on the clock. News media make you believe that old analogue telephony is a dinosaur and you need to quickly switch to the latest IP technology. But is that the case? We often don't think about it, but there is still a lot of analogue telephony used. Perhaps not [...]

Neem de controle over uw telefooncentrale

Op zoek naar vervanging van de verouderde PBX van uw bedrijf? Wilt u geen zorgen over beheer en installatie, twijfelt u aan een lokale installatie of in de cloud? Gelukkig zijn uw zorgen nu voorbij. Met 3CX is de implementatie van een PBX eenvoudig en flexibel. Of u nu kiest voor een lokale installatie of in de [...]

Mobility as the catalyzer for business growth

These days, enterprises are increasingly recognizing mobile as a de-facto standard computing platform. Also our other post about the role of the modern CIO shows that changes are happening in the boardroom and both the CFO and CIO are adjusting their roles in the connected enterprises. Not only from an IT perspective it is important [...]

Digital revolution changes role of CIO

Modern digital technology forces the Connected Enterprise to re-evaluate their strategy around the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Technology is becoming the key factor in the success of today's business so why has often the CIO not a prominent role in the company's long term management and business objectives? The CIO has mostly [...]