Complete overview of product portfolio

Our complete product portfolio at a glance.

Help our customer relations are taken over by technology!

I hear grandma say so many times, "kiddy, for us it's all going too fast", and she was right. The last decade will go down in history as one of the fastest evolving periods in the field of technology. Scientists themselves wonder whether the speed at which we evolve is not higher than the speed [...]

Side effects of Mobility and Collaboration

Now more than ever we are used to be reachable all the time, have information available at our fingertips, instantly update family, friends, colleagues and relations via social media, work together in groups at school, in sportteams and at work. Mobility and Collaboration can't be taken out of our daily lives anymore. Business and private is getting more [...]

Missing knowledge at the intersection of Telecom & IT

"Telecom is not one size fits all as many vendors want you to believe.".  This is certainly the opinion of Bart Martens of MobilityWorks specialized in deploying mobility for businesses. "At the intersection of IT, telecom  and videoconferencing many people forget that not everybody is equally skilled in communications." Read here the full interview which is published [...]

The 10 biggest advantages of the traditional office!

Unfortunately the modern technology has now created utter chaos in many companies. Employees seem to come and go at any time they like.  More and more employees don't see the need anymore to travel to the office like we were used to in the old days. This anarchistic, unbridled and almost indecent attitude must be put [...]