goldnuggets_300x200How can you use your e-mail signature as an important brand & communication tool.

With 121 received and 40 sent emails by the average employee, the email signature is a goldmine for your organization, small and large.

Of course everyone can individually set his/her email signature following company guidelines, however the signatures will often not be exactly the same. These signatures must not only be set in your Gmail/GSuite or Outlook/Office365 environment, but also in the webmail client and on the mobile devices.

Here the problems arise: it takes about 10 minutes unproductive time per employee per change, the layout, the graphics and the harmonization is suddenly gone. On mobile devices you can’t even differentiate between new email- or reply/forward signatures., although most emails are nowadays sent/received from these devices. And changes can’t be centrally managed.

If you have setup your marketing strategy for the company, why not add thes marketing campaigns as banners to the emails sent by all or a group of employees, suddenly your exposure becomes massive. Asking every employee to change his/her signature with a banner and hyperlink for every marketing campaign you initiative will be problematic. Centralization, harmonization and automation are crucial to marketing campaigns to maximize the results.

For an investment less than half a cup of coffee per employee per month you can automatically advertise your company, products and services both in the office as well as on the mobile devices of your employees without any additional work needed from your employees. Additionally you can harmonize the signatures and updates are automatically spread across the whole organization.

The video gives you a sneak review of the possibilities. If you are curious how easy it works, just contact us.