mobile_2015-294x300In the last 10 years we have seen a tremendous amount of innovations in the mobile industry and this year we are entering a new period of digital transformation.

Several independent research articles do show that consumers are more browsing the internet via smartphones rather than via tablets or computers, but the purchases are not yet completed via the mobile browser. Are the websites not optimized, is the responsive design not yet available? Companies do have to rethink their strategy that just shrinking their website to a smaller screen is not enough anymore. A more focused approach will be needed. Companies have to analyze the utilization of their websites in order to service their visitors better.

Beyond the design also the integration with payment systems such as Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and their national bank apps have to be considered as entering over and over credit card information in tiny screens is far from optimal. This way the one-click transactions on mobile devices will become easier via a “Pay-with-????” button.

And last but not least security and consumer confidence needs to be addressed. The recent database hacks show that consumers are also worried about security. Transparency and alertness on how transactions are managed on mobile platforms will give consumers confidence and control.