Better_meetings2It’s about time to have more efficient meetings!

Chances are big you had at least one meeting today, or even two, or more! You are not alone. Over 44% of the employees does spent over 10 hours a week in meetings.

The new collaboration, mobile and cloud  technology helps you not to miss any meeting anymore…but are meetings always so important?

Meetings can be very helpful to share ideas, to brainstorm or to assign tasks, but many meetings are boring, useless, a waste of time. But how to change this behaviour…

Just take a moment to consider the meeting costs plus the costs of a delay before a meeting starts. Is this worthwhile the presence. Do you really need an in-person meeting and are real-time discussions and decisions needed (now)? Will your presence add value to the meeting? Are other tools better suited for this particular meeting like email, chat, call, videomeeting?

Other important questions are:

  • Are you prepared or is it a last moment rush?
  • Is the agenda present and communicated?
  • Is the goal of the meeting clear
  • Are the deadlines known
  • Do the technical tools work e.g. beamer, speakerphone, dialin number etc.
  • Are you aware/knowledgeable of all topics?
  • Is there a chairperson, a timekeeper, a note-taker?
  • Is the room suitable for the audience, have you even considered a stand-right-up meeting instead of a sit-down meeting?

Do you recognize these questions? MobilityWorks has the experience to help you with the most optimal tools for your organization and to help to streamline processes to be more efficient in meetings. Just give us a ring or drop an email.