information-overloadIn this new phase of mobility, wireless and mobile technologies expands our real world beyond simple smart devices, creating new digital worlds. IT leaders and vendors are challenged by new privacy and security threats from new technology sources.

As mobility moves into its maturity phase, its impact becomes less self-contained under the banner of mobility, and instead spreads across the computing infrastructure. Security, manageability and productivity are the key themes, where both IT leader excellence and vendor differentiation can be attained.

Key findings by Gartner:

  • The number of organizations managing their PCs/MACs with an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) system has risen from 1% to 40% is just over 2 years
  • Over 5 million people will have enterprise-confidential information on their smartwatches
  • By 2020 the impact of interruptions on human effectiveness will cause 40% of enterprises to restrict notifications on wearables and smartphones


  • Use EMM tools to manage selected PCs today — especially to address the new management challenges introduced by mobility, such as certificate management and to deal with uncontrolled OS and app releases
  • Update enterprise policy on the use of personal mobile devices for work to include smartwatches and other wearables. Clearly describe what types of data can be collected, stored or transmitted from the smartphone
  • Engage employees in voluntary studies of their use of mobile devices and services that cause interruptions in order to quantify the impact to worker effectiveness. Use the results and evidence from psychological research to gain evidence to support future action
  • Use low-cost smartphones to mobilize employees where you cannot justify the cost of a premium device

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