Information Technology departments are often driven by technology refreshes, however end-users are mostly not very technical aware and do need a bit more time to get adjusted to the fast moving IT world. On the other hand, end-users do react as consumers and are adopting solutions in the market which are easy to use and do expect the same at work.

MobilityWorks can support your organisation in “bi-directional translating” and with user adoption programs for new technology.

  • Meeting room brainstorming

The next step of collaboration

With all the new technology around us the nature of our work has changed and thus also our way of collaboration. In modern companies we see that over 75% of users in a meeting [...]

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Mobility as the catalyzer for business growth

These days, enterprises are increasingly recognizing mobile as a de-facto standard computing platform. Also our other post about the role of the modern CIO shows that changes are happening in the boardroom and both the [...]