mobile businessThese days, enterprises are increasingly recognizing mobile as a de-facto standard computing platform.

Also our other post about the role of the modern CIO shows that changes are happening in the boardroom and both the CFO and CIO are adjusting their roles in the connected enterprises. Not only from an IT perspective it is important to understand how mobile technology, infrastructure and processes are working, also a financial eye is needed on this.

The survey, conducted by amongst 104 senior finance executives, representing a variety of industries the findings, can be translated into expenses not being well-managed as mobile usage increases, corporate resources not being adequately secured, employee experience being negatively impacted, and most importantly, corporate growth efforts not being fully supported.

% of CFOsTrade-offs and opportunities
64%their company has at least a basic mobility strategy
56%their companies mobile technology infrastructure (sourcing, support, connectivity, risk/compliance, control) is performing well
18%their company has created mobile applications that reflect mobile-optimized business processes
30%have created mobile applications that mimic traditional business processes
88%agree that mobility technology should be a key strategic business concern of most CFOs
47%says the CFO should be an owner or shared owner of mobility and mobile-technology decisions
64%look to peers in their industry
55%look to their company's IT function
Source: Return on Mobility

The way forward

The easiest way forward from a CFO perspective is of course to outsource everything, but with an outsourcing strategy still internal knowledge is needed to connect the enterprise mobility management solution to the companies backend systems and data and to keep a close eye on how the EMM platform does stay connected to the business.

In our opinion it does make more sense to embrace Enterprise Mobility Management and make it a core strategy to the companies success and manage the critical connectors internally. The system itself, that’s just the bricks and mortar, but the way how EMM is used, that is the golden key to succes for the connected enterprise. Are you willing to give up your golden key…

Don’t think that a mobility strategy is just a simple roll-out of mobile access to all your employees, or just the 5A’s: Any Place, Any Time, Any Device, Any Connection and Any Application. It’s more than that, it’s making your company ready for a mobile-first strategy covering all aspects including securing data, providing support, offering lifecycle management of devices, solve warranty and repair issues, asset management, expense controle, recycling etc. AND most important to make the mobility strategy support your business!

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