Noise in the officeSmarter working is on the rise

Virtual collaboration, redesigned offices, new ways of working – these are big changes that affect how productive we are at work. But are we forgetting some of the fundamentals when it comes to being more effective, like the impact of background noise on our calls?

Open office noises are a distraction and is becoming an issue which has:

  • caused trouble for employees to concentrate
  • affected collaboration to go down
  • employees feeling inhibited

Over 70% of office workers believe their productivity would be higher if their environment was less noisy (Source: American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) (1997)

81% of managers are unconcerned about office noise (Source: Occupational Health & Safety Magazine (2002) (follow-up ASID Study)

The solution – SoundScaping

A strategic approach to acoustics that will allow you to optimize smarter working through:

  • your workspace
  • your telecoms
  • your people

MobilityWorks can help you and your organisation around Soundscaping, just contact us for a open conversation.