BrainpowerGordon Moore, one of the founders of chip maker Intel, invented/predicted in 1965 Moore’s Law. That law states that computer power (number of transistors on a chip) by technological progress doubles every two years. Moore’s Law is not a real law, but more a prediction which he published on April 19, 1965 (Gordon Moore’s publication). Nowadays Moore’s Law does not only refer to the processors as such, but it’s more a generic view on technological developments.

Due to the developments in the transistor technology we now have the modern smartphones and tablets in our hands with more power than we had 10 years ago in some large mainframe computers, which did occupy large cooled rooms. With the fast growing pace of the new technology, user adoption is becoming more of a critical success factor. The way we do communicate with each other and how we do thi,s will change quite fast and companies will have problems keeping up with these developments.

Some of the developments we can expect as common technology are:

  • 2 to 5 years: gesture control, 4K displays, speech recognition, wireless power
  • 5 to 10 years: 3-D LCD, solar power mobile devices, wireless video 60Ghz
  • beyond 10 years: human augemntation, 3-D Video telepresence, muscle-computer interface