Skype-for-Business-300x188Microsoft Skype for Business, the next generation of Lync, is now available.

Skype for Business brings together the familiar experience of Skype that people have come to know and love with the trusted platform of Lync that businesses around the world count on. Delivering technology that helps people connect–to discuss, share and collaborate—is core to Microsoft’s mission to reinvent productivity, and Skype for Business is central to those efforts.

Microsoft’s goal is simple: to create the most loved and trusted communications platform for doing things together. It starts with you…

  • People are at the heart of business
    You start to wonder if product experiences are designed for real people and how they work. Skype understands that people, not technology, are at the heart of business. It starts with the individual feeling happy, comfortable, and confident.
  • Communicate and collaborate without borders and barriers
    Now Skype for Business can connect you with anyone. Even people who are outside of your business can get the same amazing capabilities. Doctors can communicate with patients. Employers can interview candidates. Use your imagination—the opportunities for business growth are limitless.
  • Built for how people want to work together
    Skype for Business, as a part of Microsoft Office 365, makes it easy to connect, call, and collaborate in the context of the real work. People can connect and focus on the things they’re doing together—sharing an app, co-creating, or presenting content instead of wasting time navigating disparate tools.
  • Modern products for global scale, security, and reliability
    Decision makers need to know that business communications platforms are designed for quality, reliability, security, and scalability. We’re continuously improving based on insights that come with experience—delivering and supporting mission-critical communications at the scale of Skype and Skype for Business.

As a Microsoft Skype for Business partner, MobilityWorks is prepared to continue meeting all of your development, deployment, and service needs around Skype for Business.

If you are a customer of Office 365 using Lync, you will notice a number of changes in your experience based on the transition to Skype for Business. Please refer to this article, Lync Online is Becoming Skype for Business, which highlights some of the key changes.

With the change to Skype for Business, the default setting for online users will be the Skype for Business client user interface. However, If you or your customers prefer to keep the familiar Lync experience, you have the option to switch back to the Lync user interface.

For those using Lync in a server environment, Skype for Business also provides a new user experience based on the Skype consumer experience, and as with Office 365, Lync Server 2013 supports both the new Skype for Business client experience and the traditional Lync client experience. This gives you the option of deploying the Lync client experience until users in your organization are fully trained in the new Skype for Business experience.

There are a number of resources available to help you plan, and educate and engage your end-users:

If you’re interested in more information, MobilityWorks will be happy to arrange a Skype for Business briefing with you to share more about the upcoming release.