Digital_WorkplaceIT leaders of digital workplace initiatives need a framework to ensure that they approach these on a strategic, balanced and integrated basis. Using Gartner’s eight building blocks will lead to greater success and will enable them to maximize the benefits for their organization.

Key Challenges

  • The digital economy is forcing organizations to remaster old business models. To transform the business, people need to work differently, because the old ways of working no longer add the value they once did. 
  • All eight building blocks are essential for a successful digital workplace initiative. Organizations that focus solely on the technology building block, ignoring the other seven elements of the framework, will increase their likelihood of failure. 
  • The most challenging building block to define is metrics. Digital workplace initiatives create new opportunities for the organization; so IT leaders need to think beyond trying to find the return on investment to justify technology, and focus instead on business outcomes and value. 
 Building blocks for the digital workspace

Recommendations For IT leaders:

  • If your digital workplace initiative is not yet underway, use the eight building blocks to frame conversations with stakeholders responsible for approving, supporting and implementing programs. 
  • If your digital workplace initiative is already underway, but lacks a comprehensive plan, re-evaluate your efforts using the eight building blocks as a guide. 

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