The old days of large video conferencing immersive rooms are gone. Yes, for some large enterprises they are very suitable, but with the new “Different Working” programs smaller rooms and home offices are more and more used for videoconferencing. This can be with soft clients, but also the room systems. Put them in the room and you will notice that the presentation mode is mostly used as videoconferencing is perceived as difficult to use. Unfortunately true as there is no one technology and not one dial plan for every vendor. Internal and external video sessions do require user adoption programs in order to simplify the manuals ad increase usage.

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The next step of collaboration

With all the new technology around us the nature of our work has changed and thus also our way of collaboration. In modern companies we see that over 75% of users in a meeting [...]

It takes two to tango

As humans, our communication is based on a transmitter and receiver with visual contact. The disadvantage of modern means of communication such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. is that noise can also occur [...]