workplace_of_the_futureEverything is changing, including the way we work. Social networks, mobile video and cloud-based solutions mean we’re ‘always on’. But are we always productive? 

Integrating video conferencing and collaboration tools both on-site and remotely improves workflow between departments and accelerates every aspect of the way your business works. That means faster decisions, faster ordering and faster delivery of products and services.

But are you prepared for the next-generation collaborative workplace?

Workplace transformation is starting, the tools are becoming more available and the early adopters are already playing with them, however the majority of your workforce is just taking a moment to sit back and rethink their experience with the most recent IT project and are doubting if they are ready and willing to jump on the next train again.

The workplace of the future is collaborative, contextual and visual, but also global and mobile and business focused. Quite a lot food for thought and for the tech-savvy person it is all fun, but have you considered that User Adoption will be the key succesfactor, not the technology itself anymore?

The trends that will impact the workplace are:

  1. Mobile Devices, BYOD and Bring-Your-Own-App
  2. Cloud computing
  3. Social Business and the need to share
  4. Pervasive  video in the workplace
  5. Video-enabling the conference room
  6. Collaboration-enabled business applications

In order to prepare yourself and your organization for the workplace of the future you have to think about the redesign of the office space, enable video in your organization, mobilize apps and tools, embrace the millennials and last but not least secure the enterprise.

The young workers are often very familiar with Skype, Facebook, Snapchat and we easily forget that they often seek the cocooning of the office. The world is already an individual place and even the millennials do want to feel part of the organization, of course with the latest tools, but the personal time with colleagues will be even more important in this volatile and fast world.

The workplace of the future is at the doorstep of the enterprise. Workers want to engage in more collaborative interactions. Changes in how humans and computers work together will be driven by smarter software applications and a more immersive, geographically connected workplace. Enterprise business leaders recognize these shifts and are formulating plans that will give them a competitive advantage and better business outcomes, but again User Adoption will be critical to get the majority on board.

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